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With DEFACTO you can securely vote and be rewarded for your voice

DEFACTO Community

Help shape the course of DEFACTO Project through Community Driven Development. Results of community voting and polls will be acted upon to drive the platform forward.

Community Rewards

Users are incentivized to vote and will receive airdrops be eligible for bounties. The DEFACTO platform will operate a Proof of Stake algorithm and reward coin holders with an excellent ROI.

Spectre Protocol

Anonymity when voting and transacting is of key importance so we will implement a 'Spectre Protocol' Privacy function to ensure all users are protected and secure

Great planning, great people

With great people come great things so DEFACTO only works with dedicated and passionate blockchain and disruptive tech professionals. Planning and business readiness is a key priority.

Privacy: Remain anonymous on the blockchain with bespoke ‘Spectre Protocol’.
DEFACTO Platform will feature advanced blockchain security protocols to truly anonymise the user. Leveraging Total Obfuscation, Multi-Layered architecture, RingCT tech, Double-Spend Prevention, Anti-collusion techniques, Sharding & Encryption.
POS: Accrue annual profits and compound interest using our Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm.
DEFACTO Platform will boast a bespoke GUI operating a POS algorithm to reward users who stake coins. A master node system will be in place to further reward high volume holders of DEFACTO coin.
Polling: Submit opinions and propose items to be polled on our decentralised dynamic voting system cast as an immutable ledger on our bespoke blockchain platform.

DEFACTO platform will allow users to contribute their unique opinion to all manner of topics to be voted on. Users can share, comment, vote, submit items for voting and view current and past polls. All data will be submitted to the blockchain forming an immutable ledger providing transparency whilst allowing the registered user to remain anonymous as per traditional voting methods.

Community information

We're interested in your voice... join our community channel through the Telegram app.

We are also on Steemit, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit & Discord.

Try our voting demo and cast you votes and give you comments and opinions. We're all ears!

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Meet The Team White Paper

DeFacto Project Roadmap Milestones

Development is spread into multiple phases over the coming months. In each section, new features, tasks and services are being implemented and completed using disruptive and emerging techologies. Communication is key and one of our core values is ensuring all stakeholders have the latest and most accurate information available to them.

  • Founding Team
  • Defining Project
  • Operational Activities
  • MVP
  • Founding Team

    • Initialising our founders team
    • Allocating roles and responsibilities
    • Identifying potential partners

    Defining Project

    • Research into technical content
    • Gathering project requirements
    • Authoring and approving the DEFACTO whitepaper

    Operational Activities

    • Creation & Design of our Token Sale Website
    • ERC20 Smart Contract & Token Creation
    • Operational & Logistic activities including Legal, Finance & Marketing


    • Creation of our demo Voting / Polling system
    • Testing and refining the demo platform
    • System enhancements and UX development
  • Promotion
    3Q18 - 1Q19
  • Token Launch
  • Token Distribution
  • Exchange Listing
  • Promotion

    • Establish community social channels
    • PR & Marketing activities pre-token sale
    • Pre-ICO Registration on ICO listing sites

    Token Launch

    • Preparation of VOICE tokens for distribution
    • Bonus payouts to Pre-launch investors
    • Token sale ready for general launch

    Token Distribution

    • Distribution of VOICE tokens to participants
    • Ongoing community support
    • Alpha Bounty payments based on our tiered bounty structure

    Exchange Listing

    • Phased listings on selected exchanges
    • Community voting to opt for premium exchange listing
    • Action community outcome
  • Platform Development
  • App Development
  • Platform Development

    • Defining platform requirements
    • Development of Alpha Release begins
    • Agile methodology in place with continuous development

    App Development

    • Upcoming developments as defined in whitepaper

    Nobody will ever deprive people of the right to vote except the people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.

    — Franklin D. Roosevelt


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    Team DEFACTO

    Our team is passionate about blockchain and highly motivated to develop the 'right' software to complete our mission of building a better world through fair voting.


    Founder Ben

    Meet Ben, our Founder. He has a passion for ideas, a real-life entrepreneur. His infectious enthusiasm and his resolute belief that voting can work differently drove him to create DEFACTO. Ben has a penchant for blockchain and disruptive tech with over two decades experience in the IT industry.


    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Jamie

    Jamie lives, sleeps and breathes Digital Marketing. A champion at what he does. He is creative, imaginative and an influential leader in the business. Jamie has been with DEFACTO since its inception and has spent over a decade in the insurance and financial sector. His main focus is taking DEFACTO to the next level.


    Executive Head of Business Development Emran

    Emran is a dynamic business development specialist and leader. A passion for business attainment and a reputation for delivering results. He has extensive bid management experience and pipeline development. Commercially astute and a lead by example attitude. He has spent many years working on large capital projects and we are very pleased he joined the team.


    Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jonathan

    Jonny is a systematic thinker who understands business problems and can translate plans into actions. A skilled finance manager and strong people manager who while implementing strategies improves staff morale. Jonny has traveled the globe and brings ways of working from all four corners.


    Lead Developer Nitin

    An experienced and widely skilled developer. Nitin is always keen on taking on all the new challenges we continuously throw at him. A dependable and exacting individual and committed to producing clean code. His experience on different software seems boundless.


    Lead UI/UX Designer Kriti

    Kriti is a user focused designer developer and is passionate about two things... Visual design and User experience. And easily grasps the WHY behind our WHAT. An excellent team player and works seamlessly with all of us.


    Senior Project Manager Danette

    Danette is an experienced Project Manager and we are very pleased she has joined the team. Danette brings with her a wealth of skills; Danette is Company Director of DC Project Consulting Ltd. She is a results-orientated, PMP certified, SC Project Manager who has an accomplished record of successful project and programme delivery, in both the public and private sector.


    Chief Security Adviser Nitin Goplani

    Nitin enjoys breaking and rebuilding stuff securely, he currently leads Red Teaming/Pen Testing with Spire Solutions by day and follows his passion of exploring his InfoSec curiosities by night. Because of these skills, Nitin has built a worldwide reputation of being the one of the best hackers and has provided his Bug Bounty and Red/Blue/Purple teaming services worldwide. Hes been a top contributor on most Bug Bounty programs. These days his especial interest is Block Chain security and he’s providing Block Chain security consulting to some of the best Block chain solutions currently available.


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