A Privacy, Proof of Stake, & Polling Digital Asset


Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Introduction & Overview
Purpose of this Whitepaper
What is DEFACTO and what does it offer?
Key DEFACTO Use Cases
DEFACTO Project Roadmap
General Disclaimer

Executive Summary

DEFACTO delivers a voting and polling solution on the blockchain to create a ‘Better World Through Fair Voting’. Until now traditional voting has been fundamentally flawed due to lack of transparency and being centralised as a process and system.
The innovative DEFACTO structure addresses key issues with the way in which voting currently takes place and coordinates activities on the blockchain on a bespoke crypto platform. This whitepaper seeks to detail the specific items and activities which DEFACTO will action in order to achieve these goals. DEFACTO also offers public and private transactions across the platform and a Proof of Stake (POS) reward system for network participants. 

Introduction & Overview

The primary purpose of DEFACTO is to facilitate truly Private transactions and fair Polling on the blockchain, whilst rewarding users through a Proof of Stake system.
We will foster equality & fairness & uniformity at a global level in society.

In law and government, de facto describes practices that exist in reality, even if not legally recognised by official laws. It is commonly used to refer to what happens in practice, in contrast with de jure, which refers to things that happen according to law.

DEFACTO is a Proof of Stake (POS) Privacy & Polling Digital Asset.

Privacy: Remain anonymous on the blockchain with bespoke ‘Spectre Protocol’.
POS: Accrue annual profits and compound interest using our Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm.
Polling: Submit opinions and propose items to be polled on our decentralised dynamic voting system cast as an immutable ledger on our bespoke blockchain platform.
DEFACTO is truly decentralised and borderless to allow users to propose and cast votes which may help to define policies and shape the society in which we live. Record your views forever and ask other users their views and opinions. Vote on ‘Hot Topics’, Commission Polls for your organisation or ask the community anything.
DEFACTO can support dynamic policies for all major policy making genres such as Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs, Communities, Education, Economy, Finance, Health, Infrastructure & Justice.

Purpose of this Whitepaper

This document provides a written outline of how we envision the DEFACTO platform to grow, technical aspects of our blockchain and a basic overview of our roadmap.
The aim of the whitepaper is to clearly and concisely provide the reader with an understanding of the DEFACTO platform and resulting product and platform.
Unlike other Whitepapers we provide succinct details in understandable language to ensure all cross sections of the community fully understand the DEFACTO concept.
Why use the Blockchain?



Decentralisation Faster Transactions Lower Costs
DEFACTO is truly decentralised and borderless to allow users to propose and cast votes which may help define policies and shape the society in which we live. Record your views forever and ask other users their views and opinions. Vote on ‘Hot Topics’, Commission Polls for your organisation or ask the community anything.  DEFACTO Protocol eliminates third-party brokers, lawyers and banks by adding them to the network or assuming their functions such as listings, document flow and payments. DEFACTO has the potential to greatly reduce transaction fees by eliminating third-party intermediaries and overhead costs which can be further reduced as the network grows. Typical transaction fees are a fraction of current banking fees.



Privacy Tokenisation Transparency
Remain anonymous on the blockchain with bespoke ‘Spectre Protocol’.
DEFACTO platform will include state of the art Privacy Protocols to anonymise transactions. These will be coded and reviewed by full stack blockchain developers and penetration tested to ensure our platform provides the highest level of security measures possible.
A finite supply of DEFACTO tokens will be issued. The proceeds of which will be utilised to develop the DEFACTO platform, for bounties and for stakeholder investment.
DEFACTO tokens can be used as a digital asset class and traded on exchanges.
Ownership and transaction data is accessible to all peers on the network. It is stored in the distributed web and voting data is recorded on the blockchain. The distributed consensus is achieved via a proof-of-stake algorithm: buyers and sellers are empowered with control of their information and have more confidence when conducting transactions.


Privacy: Remain anonymous on the blockchain with bespoke ‘Spectre Protocol’.
DEFACTO Platform will feature advanced blockchain security protocols to truly anonymise the user. Leveraging Total Obfuscation, Multi-Layered architecture, RingCT tech, Double-Spend Prevention, Anti-collusion techniques, Sharding & Encryption.
Users will be able to opt for a public transaction whereby transaction details are viewable through the DEFACTO blockchain explorer or opt to apply ‘Spectre Protocol’ to the transaction whereby the transaction details are private and obfuscated on the DEFACTO platform. This allows flexibility according to the transaction type being made so various users can utilise the blockchain for public and private transactions.
POS: Accrue annual profits and compound interest using our Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm.
DEFACTO Platform will boast a bespoke GUI operating a POS algorithm to reward users who stake coins. Users who install DEFACTO platform software and stake DEFACTO coins. A master node system will be in place to further reward high volume holders of DEFACTO coin.
Please note that the POS reward system for nodes and master nodes will come into effect from main net launch of the DEFACTO coin and will not be applied to the DEFACTO ERC20 token as the primary purpose of the token is for funding the DEFACTO platform development.
Polling: Submit opinions and propose items to be polled on our decentralised dynamic voting system cast as an immutable ledger on our bespoke blockchain platform.
DEFACTO platform will allow users to contribute their unique opinion to all manner of topics to be voted on. Users can share, comment, vote, submit items for voting and view current and past polls. All data will be submitted to the blockchain forming an immutable ledger providing transparency whilst allowing the registered user to remain anonymous as per traditional voting methods.
A demo platform to provide a working demo of the DEFACTO voting system will be provided in a desktop, tablet and mobile friendly format. This is to provide users and token holders an arena in which to cast votes, submit questions and manage their accounts. This demo site will be subject to enhancements and continuous improvement through the course of the project and will represent a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for users to navigate. It will also be used for community voting when items to be voted on are submit to the DEFACTO community. We pride ourselves on listening to our community members and will propose items to be voted and polled on throughout the course of the project. In this manner the community assists and shapes the development and course of the DEFACTO platform project. The demo voting site is not connected to the blockchain as this functionality will be delivered in the test net and main net launch of the DEFACTO platform.
A noble usage of DEFACTO would be policy shaping on a global stage;
A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. A manifesto usually accepts a previously published opinion or public consensus or promotes a new idea with prescriptive notions for carrying out changes the author believes should be made. It is often political or artistic in nature but may present an individual's life stance. Manifestos relating to religious belief are generally referred to as creeds.
By achieving widespread consumer adoption, the use of the DEFACTO Platform and voting outcomes would benefit our whole society. We empower users to propose and drive real change in the world and to shape the rules by which we exist through direct involvement. Currently, in the United Kingdom a petition containing 100,000 unique signatures needs to be provided for an item to even be considered for discussion. DEFACTO collates voting data and ensures the public voice is crystal clear so lawmakers and government can instantly understand the voting publics’ needs, wants and desires. In our digital age individuals and organisations in positions of power must have access to clear and up to date public opinion.
In summary… DEFACTO is a multi-faceted digital asset allowing Privacy & Polling whilst rewarding the coin holder through Proof of Stake (POS)

What is DEFACTO and what does it offer?

  • State of the art Privacy Protocols to anonymise transactions. The user can opt to use private or public transactions be selecting or deselecting our custom ‘Spectre Protocol’
  • Proof of Stake algorithm to reward platform coin holders. Excellent ROI for coin holders to reward both low and high-volume users for holding DEFACTO digital assets.
  • Polling activities allows real users to vote plus create and respond to polls. Used for a multitude of reasons from voting on the course of DEFACTO platform development to high level political voting to polling for companies and organisations. The use cases for the voting and polling possibilities are ubiquitous and add real value to society.
  • Captures unique votes and topics to be voted upon. DEFACTO delivers a solution to ensuring voting users are unique whilst the voting data itself remains anonymous all of which is held on the blockchain therefore forming an immutable record.
  • Evolves into a comprehensive data store which is dynamic and decentralised. Our platform forms living documentation and represents a vital resource which can be used for many years to come. Users voices create a legacy as your questions and voting decisions will live on in the blockchain.
  • DEFACTO coins are a digital asset which carry voting data and can be traded, stored and invested. Not only will DEFACTO coins be tradeable but each block will carry vital voting and polling data so when transactions take place important voting data will be etched on the blockchain.
  • >1000 TPS (Transactions per second) fully scalable platform. As a minimum the DEFACTO blockchain will support 1000 transactions per second and be fully scalable to future proof the platform. Given mass scale adoption DEFACTO will support blistering TPS rates to ensure a fast network.
  • Bespoke platform with fluid Graphical User Interface (GUI). DEFACTO will be built from the ground up using the latest coding practices and testing techniques to ensure that across all platforms and devices the user has a slick and responsive UX
  • Organisations, companies and governments can utilise data collected through polling. Timeless voting occurs and entities can draw upon previous voting and polling data or commission new polls to suit their needs.
  • DEFACTO provides Mobile Android & Apple iOS Apps & Website voting to allow user friendly casting of votes. Whatever you use DEFACTO will support it. We believe in accessibility to all from the unbanked in developing countries to the CEO’s in blue chip multi nationals.
  • GDPR, AML & KYC compliant platform to ensure best working practices are in place. Data security is of paramount importance to us and we do not take this lightly. All data accrued is held in accordance with the latest GDPR legislation. We employ anti-money laundering checks and impose know your client rules on ETH & BTC deposits.
  • Voting outcomes are broadcast to the network for confirmation where network blocks include voting and polling decisions. DEFACTO captures voting data on the platform blockchain as the users see it evolve into living documentation evidencing opinions and outcomes.
  • On Chain data will be called through a bespoke API where it is displayed on a GUI. A key function of the GUI will be to call posted data from the blockchain and display it in a slick user-friendly manner to the user.
  • Actual polls and decisions taken remain on the blockchain ensuring an immutable ledger is kept.
  • DEFACTO compliments and can replace the need for localised voting and decision making. Our platform can be used as a replacement or to enhance the accuracy and fairness of existing localised voting. This ensures adoption of DEFACTO has longevity and adds value.
  • DEFACTO has no borders and can be used to enhance existing polls, replace antiquated data and create new data based on mass consensus and adoption. Voting and polling data can be used at any point as previous and current data is always live and viewable through the DEFACTO blockchain explorer.

Key DEFACTO Use Cases

  • DEFACTO will be used for Private, anonymous and secure cross blockchain transactions.
  • DEFACTO will be used for Proof of Stake (POS) benefits and bonuses.
  • Organisations, companies and governments can utilise data collected through polling.
  • Real user views and opinions can be captured and documented in living documentation.
  • DEFACTO coins & tokens can be used as digital asset class and traded on exchanges.
  • DEFACO coins represent a store of value.
  • DEFACTO provides the ability to prioritise complex actions using sophisticated Smart Contracts.

DEFACTO Project Roadmap

The DEFACTO platform will be regularly updated through our community channels. Please pay particular attention to pinned posts in Telegram and Steemit announcements. The following is not an exhaustive list and milestone timings will be constantly assessed and evaluated to reach our goals in advance of any estimations given;
  • Initialising our founders team and allocating roles and responsibilities
  • Authoring and approving a Final Version of the DEFACTO whitepaper
  • Creation & Design of our Website
  • ERC20 Smart Contract & Token Creation
  • Operational & Logistic activities including Legal, Finance & Marketing
  • Creation of our Voting / Polling system core functionality demo Product
  • Commence platform development
  • Demo voting site community vote calls to shape development
  • Working with exchanges to list DEFACTO Token
  • Community bounty initiatives
  • Additional language support enhancements for website and apps
  • Operational, Security & HR activities
  • New DEFACTO Website Release
  • Attending Blockchain events and promotional activities
  • Test review in advance of Test Net Release
  • DEFACTO Platform Test Net Release
  • Android & iOS App Alpha releases
  • Android & iOS App Beta releases
  • DEFACTO Platform Main Net Platform Release
  • DEFACTO Coin 1:1 Airdrop for ERC20 token to DEFACTO Coin
  • DEFACTO Web Wallet release
  • Liaise with stakeholders including Government & Blue-Chip entities to adopt DEFACTO

General Disclaimer

These materials (the “materials”) are not intended to be an offer to sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy, any security or other financial instrument or to invest in the defacto token and are for informational, illustration and discussion purposes only these materials are as of July 9th, 2019, may not be complete or final, may be estimated, are subject to change and do not contain all material information regarding an investment, including specific information relating to an investment’s risks the offering of the defacto token has not been registered, qualified, or approved under any securities, futures, financial instruments, capital markets, or exchange control legislation, regulation, or ordinance of any jurisdiction in all jurisdictions, the offer to sell and solicitation to buy a defacto token is directed solely to qualified institutional investors, qualified professional investors, and those other sophisticated persons to whom offers and solicitation may be made without any licensing, registration, qualification, or approval
Under applicable law (collectively, “qualified persons”) these materials do not constitute an offer, distribution, solicitation, or marketing to any non-qualified person, and is not an offering to the retail public in any jurisdiction where such offering is unlawful you should disregard this information sheet if you are a non-qualified person before you decide to invest in a defacto token, you should carefully read defacto’s documents and consult with your own advisors
An investment in a defacto token is speculative and involves risks, which you should understand prior to making an investment
A defacto token will fluctuate in value, and may be volatile, especially over short time horizons opinions, assumptions, assessments, statements or the like regarding future events or which are forward-looking, constitute only subjective views, beliefs, outlooks, estimations or intentions of defacto, should not be relied on, are
Subject to change due to a variety of factors, including fluctuating market conditions and economic factors, and involve inherent risks and uncertainties, both general and specific, many of which cannot be predicted or quantified
And are beyond the control of defacto. Defacto does not make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in these materials defacto has no obligation to update or keep current
Any information or projections contained in these materials there can be no assurance that the tokens will ever be issued or dividends will be paid; defacto is subject to complex, evolving and expansive u s and foreign laws and regulations; there is no assurance that token purchasers will receive a return on or of their investment; defacto has limited operating history, which makes it hard to evaluate its ability to generate revenue through operations; token holders generally will not have voting rights or ability to influence defacto’s decisions; defacto may be forced to cease operations; defacto may not successfully develop, market and launch the defacto voting system, and, even if launched the defacto voting system may not be widely adopted and may have limited users and could be subject to significant competition; prices of blockchain assets are extremely volatile and fluctuations in the price of digital assets could materially and adversely affect defacto’s business token holders shall not be entitled to any utility functionality as part of the token nevertheless, the company expects to endeavour to provide certain additional benefits to holders of the tokens in the future (the “discretionary benefits”) these will not be a part of the terms and conditions of the
Tokens, but rather benefits voluntarily provided by the company to token holders
These discretionary benefits may be withdrawn or changed at any time at management’s discretion