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DeFacto Token started on 17/08/2018...

The Token Sale will end when the hard cap of 102,400,000 DEFACTO has been issued to investors.

There is a finite amount of 102,400,000 DEFACTO tokens available for the Token Sale.

DeFacto Project Ethereum (ETH) Wallet Details

Buy your $VOICE tokens by sending ETH to 0x58d65f24058ee2c3f73332c688059dd4f08d2bc7

PRE SALE-Bonuses

Pre-Sale 07:00am on 17/08/2018 for a period of 3 hrs = 30% Token bonus
Pre-Sale Day 1 to 8 = 20% Token bonus
Pre-Sale Day 9 to 20 = 15% Token bonus
Token Sale (After Day 20) = 10% Token bonus (>10 ETH)
After Day 20 the Token Sale will run until which time the finite supply of 102,400,000 tokens have been purchased.

Any remaining unsold tokens which have been allocated for the PRE-SALE & TOKEN SALE investors at day 120 following the commencement of the token sale will be burned via smart contract and the circulating supply adjusted accordingly.

No deviation will be made to the token allocation so as to provide participants with clear information from the outset and ensure a fair and transparent token sale.
Payment Amount Bonuses

Investors providing certain ETH amounts will be eligible for bonus tokens during the Token Sale and the bonus provided will be in addition to the PRE-SALE Bonuses listed above.
>1000 ETH = 10% Bonus
>500 ETH = 8% Bonus
>250 ETH = 6% Bonus
>125 ETH = 5% Bonus
>50 ETH = 4% Bonus
>25 ETH = 3% Bonus
>10 ETH = 2% Bonus
>1 ETH = 0% Bonus

The total supply of DEFACTO tokens is 160,000,000 tokens.

This is a fixed and finite supply of DEFACTO tokens.

The initial value will be set at $0.36 per token.

The entire amount of tokens for the Token Sale will be pre-mined ready for distribution to investors which will be distributed to the investors ERC20 wallet ~1 week after ETH is received.

DEFACTO tokens will be sent to the participants’ specified ERC20 wallet as VOICE tokens which is the token symbol for DEFACTO.

Token Distribution Breakdown
160 million DEFACTO tokens will be distributed in the following allocation:

64% / 102,400,000 of DEFACTO tokens distributed to private investors in the TOKEN SALE.

6% / 9,600,000 of DEFACTO tokens are distributed to private investors in the PRE-SALE.

12.5%​ / 20,000,000 ​to​ ​the​ DEFACTO​ ​Founders​ ​Team - divided among the 4 DEFACTO founding partners based on the activities and participation of each individual prior to the token exchange. 80% of these funds will be held in Escrow for a period of 1 year from the TOKEN SALE Start Date.

5.5%​ ​/ 8,800,000 DEFACTO​ ​Reserve - A professionally managed fund to provide healthy long-term growth of the DEFACTO Platform, OTC exchanges, Operational & Recruiting costs. Partnerships associated with the Managed Fund Program are currently under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and official announcements will be made by DEFACTO in community updates.

5% / 8,000,000 for PR & Marketing activities, exchange listings, press releases and media exposure and coverage.

3%​ / 4,800,000 ​for​ ​Bounties – DEFACTO Supporting Websites, Video Contests (All winning content becomes the property of DEFACTO and may be used for commercial purposes), Blog/Media Articles, Translations, GITHUB development or bug bounties and hackathons.

3% / 4,800,000 for Advisory team – Advisors and consultants will be engaged at various stages throughout the development lifecycle of DEFACTO platform.

1% / 1,600,000 for Lottery – Once the Token Sale is completed a lottery will be conducted for investors who have provided >25 ETH and the bonuses will be as follows;

A total of 1,600,000 DEFACTO are available for the lottery promotion and the allocation breakdown for the POST-SALE Lottery for >25 ETH contributions is as follows;

1st Prize 30% = 480,000 VOICE tokens
2nd Prize 20% = 320,000 VOICE tokens
3rd Prize 10% = 160,000 VOICE tokens
4th Prize 9% = 144,000 VOICE tokens
5th Prize 8% = 128,000 VOICE tokens
6th Prize 7% = 112,000 VOICE tokens
7th Prize 6% = 96,000 VOICE tokens
8th Prize 5% = 80,000 VOICE tokens
9th Prize 2.5% = 40,000 VOICE tokens
10th Prize 2.5% = 40,000 VOICE tokens

We are legal and compliant. You will be required to provide KYL & AML documents for investments >100 ETH. Please contact us for such contributions and the associated accompanying forms which will require completion.
How to participate in the token sale?
To participate in the token sale please read below and following the instructions carefully.
We accept ETH deposits and will forward your DeFacto (VOICE) to you at the latest 1 week after your deposit has been confirmed.
*If you are depositing greater than 100 ETH you will need to contact us for more information regarding the required documentation prior to making your deposit.

The process is very simple. Send you ETH to the address below (minimum 0.2ETH) and your VOICE tokens will be sent back to the ERC20 wallet address of your choice.

Please also provide us;

Wallet address you sent us ETH from:
ERC20 Wallet address you wish your VOICE tokens to be sent to:
Amount of ETH deposited:

Send this info to us via the Contact Us and choose the subject for your mail as 'Token Sale Enquiry'

DeFacto Project Ethereum (ETH) Wallet Details

To purchase your $VOICE tokens the deposit address for Ethereum (ETH) is 0x58d65f24058ee2c3f73332c688059dd4f08d2bc7

Participants should add a custom ERC20 token in an ERC20 compatible wallet such as MEW ready for when your tokens are sent to your specified address.

You should add a ‘Custom Token’ in MEW and specify;
Contract Address = 0x0cb5e8d11e1b57feecf846335d99ed8267e60098
Symbol = VOICE
Decimal = 18

Do not send any other currency other than ETH to this address. Check the transactions carefully to make sure the address, gas limit & amount has been correctly entered.
Don’t you own crypto currency?

Then we recommend Coinbase as a safe and professional site on which to purchase your Ethereum (ETH).

If you are new to Coinbase please join via our referral link  you may then use our deposit addresses above to send your ETH to participate in the token sale.
**Any error you make will delay the processing time of your transaction so please double check all details before you make a deposit and submission.
We are here to support so please  contact us  if you have any queries regarding the token sale.

DeFacto Project Roadmap Milestones

Development is spread into multiple phases over the coming months. In each section, new features, tasks and services are being implemented and completed using disruptive and emerging techologies. Communication is key and one of our core values is ensuring all stakeholders have the latest and most accurate information available to them.

  • Founding Team
  • Defining Project
  • Operational Activities
  • MVP
  • Founding Team

    • Initialising our founders team
    • Allocating roles and responsibilities
    • Identifying potential partners

    Defining Project

    • Research into technical content
    • Gathering project requirements
    • Authoring and approving the DEFACTO whitepaper

    Operational Activities

    • Creation & Design of our Token Sale Website
    • ERC20 Smart Contract & Token Creation
    • Operational & Logistic activities including Legal, Finance & Marketing


    • Creation of our demo Voting / Polling system
    • Testing and refining the demo platform
    • System enhancements and UX development
  • Promotion
  • Token Launch
  • Token Distribution
  • Exchange Listing
  • Promotion

    • Establish community social channels
    • PR & Marketing activities pre-token sale
    • Pre-ICO Registration on ICO listing sites

    Token Launch

    • Preparation of VOICE tokens for distribution
    • Bonus payouts to Pre-launch investors
    • Token sale ready for general launch

    Token Distribution

    • Distribution of VOICE tokens to participants
    • Ongoing community support
    • Alpha Bounty payments based on our tiered bounty structure

    Exchange Listing

    • Phased listings on selected exchanges
    • Community voting to opt for premium exchange listing
    • Action community outcome
  • Platform Development
  • Upcoming
  • Platform Development

    • Defining platform requirements
    • Development of Alpha Release begins
    • Agile methodology in place with continuous development


    • Upcoming developments as defined in whitepaper