Countdown to Token Sale

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Token Sale
The Token Sale will start on 01/09/2019
The Token Sale will end when the hard cap of 102,400,000 DEFACTO has been issued to investors.

There is a finite amount of 102,400,000 DEFACTO coins available for the Token Sale.

PRE ICO-Bonuses

Pre-ICO 07:00am on 01/09/2019 for a period of 3 hrs = 30% Token bonus
Pre-ICO Day 1 to 8 = 20% Token bonus
Pre-ICO Day 9 to 20 = 15% Token bonus
ICO (After Day 20) = 10% Token bonus (>10 ETH)
After Day 20 the ICO will run until the finite supply of 102,400,000 tokens have been purchased.
ICO-Payment Amount Bonus
Investors providing certain ETH amounts will be eligible for bonus tokens during the ICO
>1000 ETH = 10% Bonus
>500 ETH = 8% Bonus
>250 ETH = 6% Bonus
>125 ETH = 5% Bonus
>50 ETH = 4% Bonus
>25 ETH = 3% Bonus
>10 ETH = 2% Bonus
>1 ETH = 0% Bonus
The total supply of DEFACTO tokens is 160.000.000 coins.
This is a fixed and finite supply of DEFACTO coins.
The initial value will be set at $0.09 per coin.
The entire amount of coins for the Token Sale will be pre-mined ready for distribution to investors which will be distributed to the investors ERC20 wallet ~1 week after ETH is received.

Token Distribution
160 million DEFACTO tokens will be distributed in the following way:

Number of Tokens
How DEFACTO tokens will be distributed
64% 102,400,000 DEFACTO  tokens distributed to private investors in the ICO.
6% 9,600,000 DEFACTO tokens are distributed to private investors in the PRE-ICO.
10% 16,000,000 DEFACTO Founders Team - divided among the 3 DEFACTO  founding partners based on the activities and participation of each individual prior to the token exchange. 80% of these funds will be held in Escrow for a period of 1 year from the ICO Start Date.
8% 12,800,000 DEFACTO Reserve - A professionally managed fund to provide healthy long-term growth of the DEFACTO Platform, OTC exchanges, Operational & Recruiting costs. Partnerships associated with the Managed Fund Program are currently under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and official announcements will be made by DEFACTO in community updates.
5% 8,000,000 PR & Marketing activities, exchange listings, press releases and media exposure and coverage.
3% 4,800,000 Bounties – DEFACTO Supporting Websites, Video Contests (All winning content becomes the property of DEFACTO and may be used for commercial purposes), Blog/Media Articles, Translations, GITHUB development or bug bounties and hackathons.
3% 4,800,000 Advisory team – Advisors and consultants will be engaged at various stages throughout the development lifecycle of DEFACTO platform.
1% 1,600,000 Lottery – Once the ICO is completed a lottery will be conducted for investors who have provided >10 ETH

Total of 1,600,000 DEFACTO allocation breakdown for POST-ICO Lottery

Place Distri­bution DEFACTO Token

We are legal and compliant.

You will be required to provide KYL & AML documents for investments >10 ETH or equivalent in BTC.

Payments in ETH ONLY to be sent to either;


Tokens will be distributed to participants a maximum of 1 week after receipt of ETH / BTC deposit.

DeFacto Project Roadmap Milestones

Development is spread into multiple phases over the coming months. In each section, new features, tasks and services are being implemented and completed using disruptive and emerging techologies. Communication is key and one of our core values is ensuring all stakeholders have the latest and most accurate information available to them.

  • Sunrise
  • Sunrise

    • Initialising our founders team and allocating roles and responsibilities. Completed.
    • Authoring and approving a Final Version of the DEFACTO whitepaper. Completed.
    • Creation & Design of the DEFACTO VOTING Official Website. Completed.
    • $VOICE ERC20 Smart Contract & Token Creation. Completed. Completed.
    • Operational & Logistic activities including Legal, Finance & Marketing. Completed.
    • Authoring and approving a Final Version of the DEFACTO whitepaper. Completed.
  • Dawn
  • Dawn

    • Creation of our Voting / Polling system core functionality demo Product. Completed.
    • PR & Marketing activities pre-token sale. In Progress.
    • DEFACTO Token Sale 01/09/2019. Planned
  • High Noon
  • High Noon

    • DEFACTO Token Distribution to participants
    • Commence custom platform development
    • Demo voting site community vote calls to shape development
  • Balmy Afternoon
  • Balmy Afternoon

    • Working with exchanges to list DEFACTO Token.
    • Community bounty initiatives.
    • Additional language support enhancements for website and apps.
    • Operational, Security & HR activities.
    • New DEFACTO Website Release.
    • Attending Blockchain events and promotional activities.
  • Early Evening
  • Early Evening

    • Test review in advance of Test Net Release.
    • DEFACTO Platform Test Net Release.
    • Android & iOS App Alpha releases.
    • Android & iOS App Beta releases.
  • Elongated Dusk
  • Elongated Dusk

    • DEFACTO VOTING Platform Main Net Platform Release
    • DEFACTO VOTING Coin 1:1 Airdrop for ERC20 token to DEFACTO Coin
    • DEFACTO VOTING Web Wallet release
    • Liaise with stakeholders including Government & Blue-Chip entities to adopt DEFACTO VOTING