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  • ArrowWhen is the token sale?

  • ArrowHow does the DEFACTO blockchain work?

  • ArrowWhen will my DEFACTO tokens be sent to me?

  • ArrowWhich wallet should I use to store DEFACTO Tokens?

  • ArrowHow do I add my tokens as a custom token in MEW?

  • ArrowHow do I register for DEFACTO voting?

  • ArrowI am having trouble receiving my verification email?

  • ArrowWill VOICE tokens remain ERC20 and how do they work with the blockchain?

  • ArrowI am a US citizen. Can I participate in the ICO?

  • ArrowIn which countries do you operate?

  • ArrowWhat is Ethereum & Smart Contracts?

  • ArrowWhat are ICO Bounties?

  • ArrowWhy should I participate in the Pre-ICO instead of the ICO?

  • ArrowWhat’s the maximum token supply?

  • ArrowIs there a minimum investment stake?

  • ArrowCan I send ETH for the ICO from the Exodus wallet and receive VOICE back to the same wallet?

  • ArrowCan I participate in the ICO without having an Ethereum address?

  • ArrowWhere do I find more details about the Pre-ICO/ICO?

  • ArrowWhat is funding going to be used for?

  • ArrowHow long has the team been working on this project?

  • ArrowWhat companies are you partnered with or seeking to partner with?

  • ArrowWhat is the gas price that I need to set in order to contribute successfully?

  • ArrowWhen will team tokens be unlocked. Are there any other locked tokens?