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Privacy: Remain anonymous on the blockchain with bespoke ‘Spectre Protocol’.
DEFACTO Platform will feature advanced blockchain security protocols to truly anonymise the user. Leveraging Total Obfuscation, Multi-Layered architecture, RingCT tech, Double-Spend Prevention, Anti-collusion techniques, Sharding & Encryption.
POS: Accrue annual profits and compound interest using our Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm.
DEFACTO Platform will boast a bespoke GUI operating a POS algorithm to reward users who stake coins. A master node system will be in place to further reward high volume holders of DEFACTO coin.
Polling: Submit opinions and propose items to be polled on our decentralised dynamic voting system cast as an immutable ledger on our bespoke blockchain platform.

DEFACTO platform will allow users to contribute their unique opinion to all manner of topics to be voted on. Users can share, comment, vote, submit items for voting and view current and past polls. All data will be submitted to the blockchain forming an immutable ledger providing transparency whilst allowing the registered user to remain anonymous as per traditional voting methods.


With DEFACTO you can securely vote and be rewarded for your voice

Polling & Voting: A better world through fair voting: You are rewarded with DEFACTO tokens for your votes and rewarded based on the popularity of the questions you post. Your votes are recorded on our decentralised dynamic voting system platform which is an immutable ledger of voting data.

Privacy: Remain anonymous on the blockchain with bespoke ‘Spectre Protocol’. Utilising the latest blockchain protocols we employ tor/obfs4 relay, stealth addresses, mandatory stealth, zk snarks, ring ct to secure your imprint in the blockchain.

POS V3: Accrue annual profits and compound interest using our Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm. Stake DEFACTO Tokens in our custom wallet and receive regular rewards. Take advantage of our Masternode reward system to accrue DEFACTO tokens.


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DeFacto Project Roadmap Milestones

Development is spread into multiple phases over the coming months. In each section, new features, tasks and services are being implemented and completed using disruptive and emerging techologies. Communication is key and one of our core values is ensuring all stakeholders have the latest and most accurate information available to them.

  • Website Launch
  • Website Launch

    • Creation of Token Sale Website
    • Website testing

    Nobody will ever deprive people of the right to vote except the people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.

    — Franklin D. Roosevelt


    DEFACTO is a multi-faceted digital asset allowing Privacy & Polling whilst rewarding the coin holder through Proof of Stake (POS)

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    Team DEFACTO

    Passionate about blockchain and building the 'right' software to complete our mission of building a better world through fair voting.


    Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Ben

    Ben has a passion for emerging and disruptive tech and has formed www.cipher.guru consultancy services to provide Blockchain Solutions.


    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Jamie

    Jamie has over a decade of Marketing experience having held several key positions in the industry. Motivated, tenacious & driven he is focused on taking DeFacto platform to the next level.


    Executive Head of Business Development Emran



    Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jonathan


    Lead Developer Nitin


    Lead UI/UX Designer Kriti


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